Business Incentives


EmPOWER Maryland utility-sponsored programs Passed in 2008 by the Maryland General Assembly, EmPOWER Maryland Energy Efficiency Act, established a goal to reduce per capita electricity usage and peak demand 15% by 2015. Energy efficiency is one of the least expensive ways to meet the growing electricity demands of the state, EmPOWER helps to promote energy efficiency saving Marylanders money.

Grants & Loans

Animal Waste to Energy Grant Program (AWE) Grants to encourage local animal waste to energy projects.
​​Bioheat Tax Credit Program ​Receive tax credits for producing biofuels.
Clean Energy Production Tax Credit Receive tax credits for producing electricity.
Combined Heat and Power Grant Program (CHP) ​Incentives for CHP projects in hospitals and waste water treatment facilities.
Commercial, Industrial & Agricultural Grant Program (CI&A) ​A competitive program that provides grants for deep energy retrofit projects in commercial, industrial, agricultural, and non-profit facilities.
Commercial Clean Energy Rebate Program ​Receive financial assistance to install solar photovoltaic, solar photovoltaic canopy, solar water heating, geothermal heat pump, and wind turbine systems.
Community Solar​ ​Allows Maryland businesses to purchase subscriptions for energy from community solar arrays.
Data Center Energy Efficiency Grant Pilot Program(DEECG) ​A competitive grant used to encourage the implementation of cost-effective energy efficiency measures in Maryland data centers.
Demand Response and Building Automation Program ​A competitive program that provides grants for demand side resource projects that use state-of-the-art power controls, communication, and building automation technologies.
EmPOWER Maryland ​Find links to utility-sponsored rebates for energy efficient products and equipment.
Jane E. Lawton Conservation Loan Program ​Apply for a loan to identify and install energy conservation improvements.
Kathy A. P. Mathias Agriculture Energy Efficiency Program ​Receive grants ranging from $20,000 to $50,000 to assist with the costs of installing cost effective energy efficiency measures. Inactive program 
Maryland Statewide Farm Energy Audit Program ​Participate in a farm energy audit and apply for cash rebates for energy saving projects.
Parking Lot Solar PV Canopy with EV Charger Grant Program ​This program provides grants for the installation of parking lot solar canopies with electric vehicle chargers.
​Community Wind Grant Program​ ​Offers Maryland businesses the opportunity to install and manage their own wind energy systems.
Maryland Offshore Wind Capex Program ​The Program supports Maryland’s emerging businesses, including minority owned emerging businesses looking to participate in the global offshore wind industry.
Maryland Offshore Wind Workforce Training Program ​Offshore Wind Workforce Development Grant Program (Fiscal Year 2019) will provide grant funding on a competitive basis to ensure Maryland has a ready and able workforce capable of contributing to the construction, installation, and operations & maintenance of an offshore wind energy project.
​​Resiliency Hubs​​ ​​Program serves low-to-moderate income residents by providing clean, reliable, and affordable energy during power outages.

Tax Credits

Clean Energy Production Tax Credit

Energy Storage Tax Credit Program


Other Incentives

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