Strategic Energy Investment Fund (SEIF)

​The Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) manages the Strategic Energy Investment Fund (SEIF) and explains each year how the money was put into action. SEIF money makes Maryland’s energy more affordable, cleaner and reliable through programs offered by MEA and other state agencies. These programs address: consumer energy costs, global climate change concerns, job creation, energy resilience, economic development, business retention, and energy freedom.

Full reports for past SEIF reports can be found on our Reports and Publications page​.

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​Understanding the 2020 Strategic Energy Investment Fund Report - SEIF at work for Marylanders

The purpose of the Strategic Energy Investment Program is to decrease energy demand and increase energy supply to promote affordable, reliable, and clean energy. On behalf of the state, the Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) administers the Strategic Energy Investment Fund (SEIF), implements SEIF-funded programs that support Maryland’s energy policies, and monitors SEIF-funded programs being implemented by other state agencies.

SEIF-funded programs can help reduce energy bills, minimize energy waste, address global climate change concerns, create jobs, improve reliability and resiliency, address energy access and equity issues, attract and retain businesses, and promote energy independence.

Strategic Energy Investment Fund Report 2020 vol. 1

Strategic Energy Investment Fund Report 2020 vol. 2