Reports and Publications

MarylandResiliencyThroughMicrogridsTaskForceReport_000.pdfMaryland Resiliency Through Microgrids Task Force Report
MEAGeophysicalSurveyReport2013.pdf2013 Geophysical Report Survey
ReporttotheMarylandGeneralAssemblyontheAdministrationProgressCarryingouttheRequirementsofthe.pdfReport to the Maryland General Assembly on the Administration's Progress Carrying out the Requirements of the Act Concerning Regulated Sustainable Energy Contract Program
SB481TaxHolidayandTaxCreditTaskForce.pdfSB481 Tax Holiday/Tax Credit Task Force
TRECTaskForceReport-Filed-.pdfReport of the Thermal Energy Task Force
EmPOWERMDandtheRegionalGreenhouseGasInitiative.pdfEmPOWER MD and the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative
FY15_SEIF_Annual_Report.pdfFY15 SEIF Annual Report
FY15_Energy_Storage_Report.pdfFY15 Energy Storage Report
FY16SEIF-Final12_30_16.pdfFY16 SEIF Annual Report
FY17 SEIF Annual Report.pdfFY17 SEIF Annual Report
A Maryland Consumers Guide to Solar.pdfA Maryland Consumers Guide to Solar
FY18 SEIF Annual Report.pdfFY18 SEIF Annual Report
FY19 SEIF Annual Report.pdfFY19 SEIF Annual Report
FY20 SEIF Report Volume 1 Final.pdfFY20 SEIF Report Volume 1 Final
FY20 SEIF Report Volume 2 Final.pdfFY20 SEIF Report Volume 2_Final