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Garry AimeEnergy Program Manager, Biomass & CHP (Acting) 410.537.4097
Brandon BaikEnergy Program Manager, Maryland Smart Energy Communities410.537.4070
Samuel BeirneEnergy Program Manager, Wind & Hydro410.537.4090
Brenda BloomquistExecutive Assistant to the Director410.537.4134
Meg CefailGrants Administrator410-537-4084
David ComisEnergy Program Manager, Solar, Nuclear & Storage410.537.4000
Landon FahrigActing Director of Government & Legislative Affairs410.537.4000
Dean FisherEnergy Program Manager, Low to Moderate Income410.537.4068
Michele FranzAdministrative Assistant410-537-4148
Jenn Klima GallicchioAssistant Division Director of Energy Programs410.537.4069
David GiustiEnergy Program Manager, LMI, Mathias Agriculture & Lawton Loans410.537.4072
Michele HonickAssistant Attorney General410.537.4031
Mike JonesEnergy Program Manager, Transportation410.537.4071
Carl LaVerghettaEnergy Policy Advisor410.537.4108
Caitlin MaderaEnergy Program Manager, Commercial & Industrial410.537.4074
Richard MalloryEnergy Program Manager, Natural Gas410.537.4098
Denise McCoskeryOffice Manager410.537.4075
Sondra McLemoreAssistant Attorney General410.537.4062
Jeannine MianulliAdministrative Assistant410.537.4000
Sherrell MooreFinancial Specialist410.537.4091
Kahli NasonGrants Administrator410-537-4059
Ankush NayarAssistant Attorney General 410.537.4076
Ryan OpsalEnergy Policy Manager410.537.4093
Kaymie Owen, CMPExternal Communications Manager410.537.4073
Abigail PeryeaGrants Administrator410-537-4063
Chris RiceDivision Director of Energy Programs410.537.4081
Chris RussellEnergy Program Manager, State Buildings & State Agency Loan Program, Building Codes410.537.3031
Ralph O. ScheriniDivision Director of Finance & Administration410.537.4082
Fred ShokenHistorical Preservation Review410.537.4083
Steve TalsonAssistant Attorney General, Principal Counsel410.537.4088
Mary Beth TungDirector410.537.4000
Jessica WakefieldFiscal Officer410.537.4094
Marjorie WarnerAdministrative Assistant / Compliance410.537.4092
Greg WilliamsChief of Staff410.537.4087
VACANTAdministrative Assistant, Support Services410.537.4000
VACANTClean Energy Grants Administrator410.537.4000