FY22 Solar Canopy Grant Program

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Solar parking canopies supported by a Maryland Energy Administration grant sit next to the rooftop solar array at the IKEA Baltimore location photo credit: IKEA Baltimore​

Program Update:  On October 26, 2021, the program application deadline was extended until November 24, 2021.  In addition, the requirement for State and Local Government projects to “have a minimum load of 150,000 kWh/year attributed to an on-site State or local government agency electric meter” was eliminated.

Program Description:  This program provides grant funding to support the installation of parking lot and parking garage solar photovoltaic canopy systems, which include at least four (4) Level 2 or Level 3 electric vehicle chargers under the solar canopy.  This program was previously known as the Parking Lot Solar Photovoltaic Canopy with EV Chargers Grant Program.   In previous years, this program was split into two Areas of Interest.  Both Areas of Interest are combined during this program year.

Program Purpose:  To provide a dual use for sites already designated for parking, specifically clean, renewable electricity generation, electric vehicle charging capacity, and parking services.

See previous awards for solar on parking lots and garages from FY21​ FY21 Awards - Solar Canopy Grant Program.pdfFY21 Awards - Solar Canopy Grant Program   

Type of Program:  Competitive – statewide grant program

Program Application Deadline:  Wednesday, November 24, 2​021 at 11:59 p.m.

Anticipated Program Budget:  $1,000,000 The funding is from the Strategic Energy Investment Fund (SEIF).  For more information, please see the Funding Opportunity Announcement below.

Program Documents:

For more information, contact MEA regarding the Solar Canopy Grant Program by email at david.comis@maryland.gov or by phone at 443-908-1743 (m) to speak with David Comis, the MEA program manager.

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