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This website contains a brief summary of some of the new energy-related programs being established or expanded by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) through the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and the Inflation Reduction Act.  

  • If you are looking for information on the HOMES Residential Energy Efficiency program or the High Efficiency Electric Home Rebate program, please visit the dedicated webpage on this subject. 
  • If you are pursuing a possible project related to a DOE or other federal agency funding opportunity and wish to contact the Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) on this matter, please email your contact information, the DOE funding opportunity announcement number, a brief summary of the opportunity, and how you envision potentially working or partnering with the state energy office to  federal.mea@maryland.gov. Possible partnership opportunities could include, but are not limited to, letters of support from MEA.  Please note that submitting information to this inbox is not a guarantee that MEA will be able to partner with your organization, either through a letter of support or other means. Please be sure to exclude any confidential information during submission.

Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act

​The federal Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), also sometimes called the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL), will result in a number of new programs being established by the DOE. A summary of the new funding opportunities created by DOE under the IIJA can be found here. As the state energy office, MEA will be the applicant for some, but not all, of the new or expanded DOE programs that are directed at state agencies.  The IIJA also contains funding opportunities for Maryland entities outside of state government to participate. 

In addition to the IIJA programs that MEA will be applying for, there are also some competitive energy-related IIJA programs that MEA partners may wish to pursue.  One such opportunity is the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Clean School Bus Program​ for 2023 which will help accelerate the replacement of existing school buses with clean and zero emission school buses.  This multiyear program​ made an award to Baltimore City Public Schools for 25 electric school buses in 2022. ​

Inflation Reduction Act

The federal Inflation Reduction Act​ (IRA) contains a number of energy-related provisions.  The federal government has released an Inflation Reduction Act Guidebook describing the IRA’s energy and climate-related initiatives.      

As Maryland’s state energy office, MEA will eventually be the applicant for two of the residential-focused IRA rebate programs - the HOMES Residential Energy efficiency Rebate Program and the High-Efficiency Electric Home Rebate Program. More information on these programs can be found here​.

Requesting a Letter of Support

MEA supports the efforts of pursuing funding across the State as the federal government and other entities provide energy and energy efficiency related funding opportunities to a variety of organizations. 

To request a letter of support from MEA, provide the following information via email to federal.mea@maryland.gov. MEA will need at least three (3) full weeks to process requests. Please understand that letters are not guaranteed.

Required Information:
  • Point of Contact Name and Email Address (for returning letter)
  • Applicant Name
  • Applicants Connection to Maryland
  • Funding Agency
  • Grant Program Name
  • Project Name
  • Summary of the Project
  • Description of what the Funding will Accomplish
  • Application deadline
  • Draft Letter
Requesting MEA Support or Partnership

For those seeking to work with MEA, send the following information to federal.mea@maryland.gov. All proposals will be reviewed by a panel for eligibility. Please understand that support or partnership is not guaranteed.

Required Information:
  • Point of Contact Name and Email Address
  • Federal Funding Opportunity Announcement Number
  • Summary of the Opportunity
  • Description of Potential Project
  • List of other Potential Partners
  • Description of Desired MEA Support​

Links to additional information from DOE related to federal tax credits 

(Disclaimer: Please note that the Maryland Energy Administration cannot provide tax advice. If you have any tax questions, please contact a licensed tax professional.)

U.S. Department of Energy  Summary of Federal Clean Energy Tax Credits for Consumers​

Federal Inflation Reduction Act Solar Tax Credit Resources:

Elective Pay (sometimes known as “direct pay”) and Transferability refer to the options that tax-exempt and governmental entities can now use to benefit from clean energy tax credits. More information can be found here​.

If you are interested in getting updates on these new federal IIJA or IRA programs, as well as other MEA energy programs, please follow MEA on social media at Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn.

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