Low Income Solar Grant Program (Pilot) FY2022 Grant Program

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Program Description: During Fiscal Year 2022 (FY22), the Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) will support the design and installation of solar energy systems for a limited number of Low Income (LI) households that have received an energy audit and weatherization-type energy efficiency upgrades that were funded through MEA’s Low-to-Moderate Income Energy Efficiency Grant Program. MEA anticipates issuing awards to current or prior Low-to-Moderate Income Energy Efficiency Grant Program grantees to enable solar on the rooftops of LI households living in single-family homes. The Program will fund up to 100% of the solar photovoltaic (PV) system design and installation cost, up to $25,000 for each solar system installation to benefit a low-income household.

Program Purpose: Through this pilot program, MEA aims to gain insight into best practices for deploying solar to households outlined in §9–20B–05(i) of the State Government article. 


Type of Grant Program:  Competitive Grant Program


Application Deadline:   Monday, November 29, 2021 by 11:59PM EDT


Anticipated Program Budget: $500,000 

Prior to submitting an application, please review the Funding Opportunity Announcement below.  Application instructions are outlined in this funding opportunity.

Program Documents:

  1. FOA Low Income Solar Grant Program FY22 Rev 2.docx (1).pdfFY22 Funding Opportunity Announcement

  3. FY22 LI Solar Application.docxFY22 LI Solar Application

  General Provisions


For more information, contact MEA regarding Low Income Solar Grant Program by email at abigail.antonini@maryland.gov or by phone at 410-371-6381 to speak with Abigail Antonini, the MEA program manager.


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