Residential Clean Energy Rebate Program


Update as of 4/8/20: In response to the COVID-19 health crisis, Governor Larry Hogan issued an Executive Order on March 12 mandating telework for non-essential state employees across all state agencies. This includes the Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) office.  As a result, grant and rebate applications submitted to MEA by letter or package (regardless of the delivery means) will face significant processing delays. We do not currently have an estimate of the duration of these delays but they will likely be substantial.

In response, MEA has developed a solution that enables the electronic submission of Clean Energy Rebate Program applications via Virtru, the State of Maryland’s secure email encryption tool. More information about Virtru can be found on the Maryland Department of Information Technology's webpage at As of 4/7/20, MEA is accepting both Residential and Commercial Clean Energy Rebate applications submitted via Virtru.

Submission of applications through the web portal ( is still available. If you were considering mailing in a paper application, MEA would like to encourage you to instead submit your application electronically via Virtru. If you are interested in this option, please send an email indicating your interest in doing so to​. Do not attach your application to this  initial email. Please indicate your first and last name, your zip code, and your email address in the body of the email. Someone from MEA will then contact you with more information about how to submit your application via Virtru.

If you do not have access to email, a message can be left via phone at 410-537-4000 and someone from MEA will return your call. MEA offers the Residential Clean Energy Rebate Program ("R-CERP") to eligible Maryland homeowners who have installed a qualified clean energy system at their homes. Regulations for the Clean Energy Rebate Program can be viewed here.

Using the link below, you can begin a residential solar photovoltaic (PV), solar hot water, or geothermal heating and cooling Rebate application using the Electronic Application System for the R-CERP.





Please note: The personal email address of the Rebate Applicant (owner and resident of the property where the clean energy system is installed) must be provided. A contractor's email address cannot be provided in lieu of the Rebate Applicant's email address. The Applicant will receive all correspondence regarding the application. If the contractor is selected as the primary point of contact on the application, the contractor's email address will typically be copied on electronic correspondence from MEA, as deemed appropriate by MEA. Applicants without a valid email address must complete the paper application available in the section entitled "The Rebate Process" below.

Signature Sheet Requirement: After MEA receives an online application, an email will be sent from to the Applicant containing a signature sheet that MUST immediately be printed out, completed and signed by the Applicant, and mailed to MEA. The application is not considered submitted until MEA receives the completed signature sheet. MEA will not review an application until MEA receives the completed signature sheet. If you do not receive a signature sheet, please check your inbox and/or spam folder for an email from containing your signature sheet.

Note to Contractors assisting Rebate Applicants with the R-CERP application process: At the same time you submit customer Rebate applications to MEA using the electronic portal, please also send an e-mail to your customer instructing them to look for an email from which contains the signature sheet that must be reviewed for accuracy, printed, completed (to include signature, date, and social security number), and physically mailed back to MEA in order to complete the application.

To apply for a Clean Energy Rebate, proceed to “The Rebate Process”, below.

Paper copies of the Residential Clean Energy Rebate Application can be found under the section entitled "The Rebate Process" below.

*It is recommended that you refer to the Rebate Process tab below before beginning to complete the online application. Be sure all required documents and information are available before starting the online application. Once the online application process has begun, you cannot leave the screen without losing all information that has been input. You cannot save your work prior to submission.



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MEA has calculated the Clean Energy Rebate incentives based on several factors including available funds, economies of scale, a desire for more equitable distribution of funds, the cost of clean energy technologies, capacity factors, potential annual production, and data analysis from past Clean Energy awards:


Residential Clean Energy Rebate Incentives

Resource Conversion

Installed Capacity Range

Award/Capacity Unit

Solar Photovoltaics (PV)

Minimum 1 kW-DC


Solar Water Heating (SWH)

10-100.0 sq. ft.


New Geothermal Heating & Cooling (GHC) System

(New Well Field and HVAC Equipment)

1-10.0 tons


Geothermal Heating & Cooling (GHC) Heat Pump Replacement (only)

​1-10.0 tons



Rebates are allocated on a first come/first served basis across technologies and are subject to change in amount and existence based on funding availability.


Please note that the Installed Capacity Range reflects eligible system sizes. Projects larger than the capacities listed in the chart above are ineligible.​

ATTENTION: Solar PV Applicants

NABCEP requirement:

Projects must be completed by installation contractors who maintain at least one staff member with a North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners ('NABCEP') installation certification; or, for companies with at least 50 employees, at least one staff member with a NABCEP Installation Certification for every 25 non-administrative employees, unless an installation contractor has been registered to do business in Maryland for less than twelve (12) months prior to the submission of an application for a Rebate.​

Solar PV rebates only awarded to system purchases:

Only purchased solar photovoltaic systems are eligible to apply for the Residential CERP Program. MEA does not currently award residential clean energy Rebates to third-party owned solar PV systems.​


ATTENTION: Geothermal Applicants

A geothermal clean energy Rebate is only available for NEW geothermal ground source heat pumps and wells on properties that have not received a previous geothermal clean energy Rebate.  In addition, geothermal ground source heat pump clean energy awards may only be awarded for replacement of the ground source heat pump on a system that has NOT received a previous clean energy Rebate award.  Applicants must provide documentation that the new heat pump has a higher efficiency than the heat pump being replaced. ​ 


Check Your Application Status

  • Find open/pending or paid/closed Residential CERP rebates: 20200701.xlsmWeekly Status Report 2020.07.01 (Generally updated by the end of the day on Wednesday each week)

    ​*If your application status on the "Open Application Status Report" shows as "Awaiting Signature Sheet," your electronic application is incomplete. Please check your email inbox or spam folder for an email from containing your signature sheet. This form needs to be printed, signed, and physically mailed back to the Maryland Energy Administration to complete your application.

Project Requirements

The project requirements are as follows:
  •  The property must be in Maryland.
  •  You must own the property 
  •  The property must be your primary residence.
  •  MEA cannot offer Rebates to a property held in an irrevocable trust.
  •  Multiple projects owned by the same owner on contiguous parcels of property will be considered one project.
  •  An eligible property may receive only one Rebate per technology. 
  •  Applications must be submitted to MEA within twelve (12) months of the completed installation.

The Rebate Process

STEP ONE: Read the Terms and Conditions provided, below:

STEP TWO: Prepare your Application Package to include all Supporting Documentation (tip: locate all supporting documentation before beginning to complete the application). Your application package will consist of five to six documents (Application form plus supporting documents).

If you apply using the online application, you must be ready to upload the documents before you begin completing the online application: 
Application Form: Download the application from the link, below, or use the online e-application portal, found at the top of this page. (tip: If you have any trouble opening the Adobe forms below, download the file, save it to a specific location [e.g., desktop], then open the file from there).

Supporting Documentation:

  1. A $0.00-balance, paid-in-full invoice reflecting the total cost of your system. 

·         Note for Geothermal Applicants: All paid-in-full well drilling and installation invoices must be included if this cost is not reflected on the invoice from your installing contractor.

B. Proof of passed inspection for all permits required by the local authority having jurisdiction. This documentation may be in the form of:

·         Photos/scans/copies of inspection stickers showing approval for final inspections

·         Photos/scans/copies of inspection certificates showing approval for final inspections

·         Screenshots of online permit inquiry systems showing approval for final inspections

·         If there is an exception for the need of a certain permit(s), you must include an official letter from the local authority having jurisdiction indicating that the requirement was waived.

C. Photographs of the installed clean energy system. If the system is a roof-mounted solar PV or solar hot water system, the photographs must clearly demonstrate where the system has been installed, with all panels or collectors clearly visible.​

D. Proof of housing ownership, age and primary residence using the Maryland State Department of Assessment and Taxation Personal Property data search

E. Proof of geothermal heat pump efficiency improvement (Geothermal heat pump Replacements only)

STEP THREE: Fill out the application form (see above).

A.      If applying through the U.S. Mail, download and print the application form. Submit it with the applicable supporting documents (tip: If you have any trouble opening the Adobe forms above, download the file, save it to a specific location [e.g., desktop], then open the file from there.

B.       If applying on line, scan your supporting documents, then proceed to the electronic portal, below


Additional Information


Historic Review

Since MEA is required to assess the impact of Clean Energy Rebates on historic resources, applicants must “pre-screen” their projects to reduce the odds of applications being rejected on historic preservation grounds. Prominent installations of clean energy systems on historic properties or properties within historic areas will not qualify for this Rebate program.

·         Visit the Department of Assessments & Taxation website and complete an SDAT Real Property Search to determine the age, ownership, of purpose of the property.

·         Visit Maryland's Environmental Resources and Land Information Network, or MERLIN Online, to see if a property is recorded in the Maryland Inventory of Historic Properties. Print the results.

·         For pre-screening help, please follow the instructions outlined on the following tutorial: for a Property's Historic Status on MERLIN Online and SDAT

If you have any additional questions, you can contact MEA's historic preservation specialist by email at:*

NABCEP (PV Projects only)

Projects must be completed by installation contractors who maintain at least one staff member with a North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners ('NABCEP') Installation Certification; or, for companies with at least 50 employees, at least one staff member with a NABCEP Installation Certification for every 25 non-administrative employees, except if an installation contractor has been registered to do business in Maryland for less than twelve (12) months prior to the submission of an application for a Rebate.

Tax Status of Clean Energy Rebates

MEA does not provide tax information or tax advice. Questions should be directed to a qualified tax professional.

Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs)

Electricity suppliers must purchase and retire SRECs in order to meet their compliance obligations under the law, or pay a Solar Alternative Compliance Payment (SACP) for any shortfalls in SREC purchases.

To help Maryland business owners realize the benefits of solar energy, the Maryland Public Service Commission manages the Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) program. Owners of solar PV and hot water systems can earn and sell SRECs (equivalent to 1 Megawatt hour) based on the amount of energy their solar system produces on the open market.

In order to begin producing SRECs for the Maryland RPS, a solar generator must apply for certification as a qualifying generator from the Maryland Public Service Commission (PSC). SRECs must come from qualifying solar facilities connected to the distribution grid serving Maryland.

Geothermal Heating & Cooling Systems in the RPS

With 2012 HB 1186,* Maryland became the first state in the country to make the energy generated by geothermal heating and cooling (GHC) technologies eligible for the RPS as a Tier 1 renewable source. To qualify, the GHC technologies must meet ENERGY STAR standards and displace electric or non-natural gas heating and/or old and presumed inefficient air conditioning. Homeowners are eligible to receive Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) for GHC systems that are commissioned on or after January 1, 2013.

  For more information or assistance, email  or call 410-537-4000.​