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By working with homeowners, contractors, developers and utility providers, MEA reduces energy costs for citizens with simple efficiency solutions - such as replacing standard light bulbs with compact fluorescent ones - to more complex renewable energy solutions - such as installing solar photovoltaic systems. Whether it's through renewable energy grants or our partnership with nonprofits to fund energy efficiency upgrades, like the Low-to-Moderate Income Grant Program that awarded $10 million dollars in 2017. Maryland Energy Administration connects Maryland residents to vital resources for maintaining a sustainable energy grid into the 21st century and beyond. To get started:


Solar Guide for Maryland Homeowners

The Maryland Energy Administration and the Clean Energy States Alliance have developed a Maryland Consumers Guide to Solar, designed to be a resource for Maryland residents considering home solar photovoltaic systems. Solar PV systems are expected to have lifetimes of 25 years or more, it is important for residents to have a good understanding of all aspects of the decision to “go solar.”   


The guide discusses the attributes of good residential solar systems, different methods of system ownership or finance, and key questions to ask BEFORE signing a contract. Many of the topics addressed in this document are based on frequently asked questions regarding solar submitted to the Maryland Energy Administration, the State of Maryland’s energy office.This solar guidebook also discusses Community Solar, a new pilot program in Maryland that provides solar options for those who rent, as well as for those households who may not have good solar access due to shadowing from trees or other buildings. Click the PDF below to download the full guide.


Residential Success


Maryland Energy Administration gives Maryland residents opportunity. Maximizing energy efficiency and generating renewable energy can be an expensive proposition, but MEA grants and loans help homeowners close the gap between thinking "green" and going "green." One Allegany County couple was able to use a Windswept Grant to install a fully operational wind turbine system, which generates enough electricity to cover all of their power needs. Similarly, a Grasonville family used MEA funds to harness solar power, which generates about half the energy consumed by their household. Read these and other MEA success stories​.​​​