Maryland Natural Gas Vehicle Voucher Program


Illustrated gas pumps are used to represent CNG and LNG fueling stations.The Maryland Natural Gas Voucher Program provides financial assistance for the purchase of new and converted natural gas vehicles registered in the state of Maryland. Incentive amounts vary, and are based on gross vehicle weight (GVW). Awards will be issued on a first come first-served basis. The program is accepting applications from Dec. 13, 2012 until May 8, 2013.

Program Contacts:

Download the Maryland Natural Gas Voucher Program flyer.

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How to Receive a Natural Gas Voucher


The Primary Point of Contact (PPC) (see definition list below) is responsible for ensuring all voucher documentation is submitted in a timely, accurate, and complete manner.

The following is a simplified diagram of the voucher program process:

This simplified diagram shows the MET Voucher Program process. Call or email Chris Rice for additional details.

Program Guidelines


Before printing and signing program forms, MEA strongly recommends filling them out electronically. When doing so, some data elements will be automatically populated, which will save time and eliminate errors. Additionally, certain fields are validated for form and content.​



Primary Point of Contact (PPC): The PPC is the primary point of contact (PPC) and is responsible for working with the Motor Carrier in completing and submitting application and reimbursement packages to MEA. PPCs include: Dealerships, manufacturers, and TEMs that sell or manufacture new medium and or heavy duty electric trucks.

Motor Carrier (Fleet): Individual, business, non-profit, or governmental entity based in the state of Maryland or that has an in-state based affiliate.

Lease Vehicle:A vehicle obtained from a leasing agency either inside or outside the state that leases a qualifying vehicle to an entity based in the state of Maryland or that has an in state based affiliate.

Truck Equipment Manufacturer (TEM):A company that installs equipment on a truck chassis. The TEM bears full responsibility for any vehicle defects under federal law and is responsible for certifying that the vehicle meets all applicable federal safety standards.

Line Setting Ticket:The factory build or construction sheet created when the vehicle order is sent to the vehicle manufacturer. The Line Setting Ticket typically includes the new vehicle's identification number (VIN), all the codes for standard equipment, and options the salesman used to create this vehicle for the Motor Carrier. After the factory assembles the vehicle and the vehicle is shipped and sold, the Line Setting Ticket identifies such things as the gross vehicle weight rating, engine type, transmission type, drive line, paint codes, gear ratio, and standard and optional equipment specific to that vehicle.

Tax Status of Electric Truck Vouchers: The Maryland Office of the Comptroller has determined that, based on IRS rules, a State voucher is considered taxable income related to the Motor Carrier or Manufacturer (as it relates to leased vehicles). Therefore, a Form 1099-G will be issued for vouchers received through the Maryland Electric Truck (MET) Voucher Program. They should also be reported as income on federal tax returns.​

Eligible Vehicles


Eligible vehicles include the following:

  • On-highway dedicated compressed natural gas (CNG) and dedicated liquefied natural gas (LNG) vehicles which will be registered in Maryland.
  • CNG and LNG vehicles must be a commercial, non-profit agency or public fleet vehicle.
  • Light and Medium Duty Vehicles: Maryland is a full CARB (California Air Resources Board) State. As such light and medium duty vehicles entering this program shall be certified by CARB (ability to be registered in the State of Maryland).
  • Heavy Duty Vehicles: Please go to the DOE Heavy Duty Vehicle Search tool and choose either CNG or LNG.
  • Leased Vehicles (see Voucher Program Lease Instruction Sheet).
  • Exceptions may be granted on a case by case basis at the sole discretion of MEA. The PPC must provide a written explanation as an attachment to the application justifying the installation.

Ineligible Vehicles

  • Vehicles purchased prior to the opening to this program are not eligible.
  • Public funded transit agencies are not eligible.
  • CNG or LNG vehicles that have been previously registered (in any state) or paid for by the Motor Carrier (other than a vehicle or retrofit down payment in order to receive a voucher) are ineligible.


  • Voucher application packages will not be processed and will be returned to the PPC if:
    • Any documents are illegible; or
    • Application package is incomplete or missing supporting documentation.
  • Application Period: All applications must be received by 4:00 p.m. on May 8, 2013. Ineligible applications must be corrected and returned to MEA by 4:00 p.m. on May 8, 2013.
  • All voucher commitment letters must be signed and returned to MEA by 4:00 p.m. on May 14, 2013.
  • All trucks must be delivered to the Motor Carrier and completed Reimbursement Packages submitted to MEA by Nov. 4, 2013.
  • Program ends Nov. 20, 2013.
  • The Natural Gas Voucher Program budget is fixed at $400,000.
  • MEA reserves the right to increase the program budget at its discretion.
  • Vouchers will equal:
    • Voucher amounts are based on gross vehicle weight and are capped at 60% of the incremental cost associated with the natural gas system.
GVW (lbs) Voucher Amount
Up to 8,500 $3,000
8,501 -14,000 $5,000
14,001 - 26,000 $12,000
26,001 & greater $20,000


  • Voucher Application Packages must be filled out and signed by the PPC and Motor Carrier.
    • The PPC is responsible for sending MEA the following documents:
      • Vehicle purchase order by the 7th day following receipt of Voucher Commitment Letter
      • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and estimated vehicle delivery date by the 30th day following Voucher Commitment Letter.
      • Voucher Extension Form by the 120th day following Voucher Commitment Letter if vehicle has not been delivered.
      • Missing any of the above deadlines will render Voucher Commitments void.
  • PPCs agree that the vehicle/retrofit purchase price will be reduced by the voucher amount.
  • Motor Carriers are limited to five vouchers (vehicles).
  • Motor Carriers are required to own/lease and operate vehicles for a period of three years.
  • Voucher Reimbursement Packages must be filled out completely. All documents must contain the VIN #. Reimbursement Packages must include:
    • Voucher Reimbursement Form signed by PPC and Motor Carrier
    • Delivery bill of lading, signed and dated
    • Line setting ticket (or factory build sheet)
    • MVA registration and tag number (temporary are acceptable)
    • Photograph of license plate
    • Final vehicle/retrofit invoice less voucher amount
      • Final invoices must provide line items listing the vehicle base price, voucher discount, and all applicable taxes and fees or
      • For retrofitted vehicles final invoices must provide line items listing equipment, labor cost, voucher discount, and all applicable taxes and fees.
    • Financial documentation identifying the method and date of final payment to the PPC must be provided. This can be a copied check or transaction showing an electronic money transfer. If lease or financial arrangements involve a third party, they must also be identified with the title or lien-holder clearly indicated.
    • If applicable, a lease agreement for a period of at least 3 years.
  • Vouchers can only be redeemed:
    • Upon vehicle delivery
    • Final payment (less voucher amount)
    • The PPC must submit all voucher redemption documentation within 30 calendar days of Start of Service Date or 60 days after vehicle delivery to Motor Carrier location. Start of Service date is once the vehicle is MVA-registered, delivered to the Motor Carrier location, and payment to the dealer is complete. Failure to provide all required documents by this deadline may nullify the voucher.
    • Vehicles must maintain Maryland registration for a period of 3 years.
    • Motor Carriers are required to submit baseline vehicle mileage and fuel consumption data as well as quarterly vehicle mileage and fuel consumption data reports to MDE for a period of 3 years.
    • Vouchers will be allocated on a first come, first-served basis.

General Provisions


Awardees agree to use voucher funds only for the purposes and subject to the conditions and agreements stated in the Program Guidelines. MEA has the exclusive authority to determine whether funds will be or were expended in compliance with the purposes, conditions and agreements set forth under the Program Guidelines. Upon determination and notice by MEA that awarded funds will not be or were not expended in accordance with the Program Guidelines, MEA shall have no obligation to deliver any funds to Awardees pursuant to any agreement, and Awardees shall promptly return to MEA any awarded funds that may have already been delivered to Awardees.​

Voucher Application Package


We encourage you to fill out the Voucher Application Forms electronically. Some data elements are automatically populated electronically, which will save time and eliminate potential errors. Certain fields are also validated for form and content. For this reason, MEA strongly recommends utilizing these enhancements by filling out the forms electronically before printing and signing them.

Note: Any illegible documents will be returned, unprocessed, to the PPC.

Supplemental Voucher Application Documents

Voucher Reimbursement Package


After MEA sends the Voucher Commitment Letter to the PPC, and the project has been completed, the PPC must submit the Reimbursement Package. As with the Application Package, the Voucher Reimbursement Forms are designed to be filled out electronically. Some data elements are automatically populated, and certain fields are also validated for form and content. MEA strongly recommends utilizing these enhancements by filling out the forms electronically before printing and signing them.

Note: Any illegible documents will be returned, unprocessed, to the PPC.

  • Reimbursement forms contain a checklist listing all of the documents that need to be submitted as part of the completion package.
  • Any completion package that is incomplete or is missing supporting documentation will be returned to the PPC without being processed.
  • Natural Gas Voucher Program Reimbursement Form 

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