Maryland Smart Energy Communities

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UPDATE: June 2021

​The Fiscal Year 2021 Maryland Smart Energy Communities (MSEC) program awarded more than $750,000 to 16 grantees to assist in funding 22 energy projects that will result in significant cost savings and stimulate economic activity, read more here.

For more information, contact MEA regarding MSEC by e-mail at MSEC.MEA@Maryland.gov or by phone at 410-537-4000 or dial 443-694-3358 to speak with the program manager, Briggs Cunningham​.

See the MSEC Fiscal Year 2021 full list of awardees here on our news page

See ​the MSEC Fiscal Year 2020 full list of awardees here on our news page​.

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The goal of the Maryland Smart Energy Communities program is to support​ local governments as they adopt smart-energy policies and commit to them for the long term. Communities will benefit from sustained reduction of energy usage, cost savings, and additional opportunities for renewable energy development.​

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Benefits of Participating


Becoming a Smart Energy Community will result in:

  • A grant from MEA to kick-start your energy goals and eligibility for future MSEC grants
  • Reduced utility and fuel expenses
  • Participate in local sustainability initiatives
  • Greenhouse gas emissions reduction
  • Statewide recognition as a leader in energy conservation and sustainability



What policies must be adopted?

Local governments must adopt at least two of the three following policies (policies are subject to change):

Energy Efficiency

Establish an energy efficiency policy with the goal of reducing energy consumption in government buildings by 15% within five years of the baseline year through efficiency policies.

Renewable Energy

Establish a renewable energy policy to meet 20% of those building's electricity demand with distributed, renewable energy generation within five years of the baseline year.​


Establish a transportation-focused policy to reduce petroleum consumption for all government vehicles, and establish a comprehensive program designed to reduce the baseline by 20% within five years of the baseline year. ​


Who Is Eligible?


The MSEC Grant Program is available to all incorporated towns, cities, and counties in Maryland.  Communities that apply for the program and commit to meeting the three deliverable requirements may receive funding based on availability.  Full project funds are made available only when communities complete the deliverables as specified by MEA.​

How much funding is available?


 The FY21 program budget is $1,080,000 and is available for existing MSEC communities as well as first-time applicants (new communities): incorporated towns, cities or counties in Maryland.  Funding is available for energy efficiency, renewable energy and transportation projects.

How to Apply

Additional Information


For more information, contact us via e-mail at MSEC.MEA@Maryland.gov or by phone at 443-694-3358.​ Information submitted to MEA by postal mail may have processing delays and we encourage emails and phone calls when possible. 

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