FY22 Solar Technical Assistance Program


Program Description: The program provides technical assistance, at MEA's cost, to state and local government entities for solar site surveys and to conduct preliminary development of solar projects. For projects accepted under this program, the Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) will coordinate with the Maryland Environmental Service (MES) for the provision of Technical Assistance by MES, or specialty contractors selected by MES and MEA.

Program Purpose:  This program provides technical assistance for state and local entities who are interested in including on-site solar generation but do not have the technical expertise to evaluate potential sites. This information is needed to allow government entities to make decisions concerning the location, use (to include resiliency options), and budgeting of solar energy projects. 

See article on previous Solar Technical Assistance awardees here.

Type of Program: This program provides technical assistance, not funding. It is a non-competitive, first-come, first-served program.

Program Application Deadline: April 15, 2022 at 11:59 p.m.

Anticipated Program Budget: MEA anticipates providing up to $450,000 of technical assistance via the Maryland Environmental Service and its support contractors. For more information, please see the Funding Opportunity Announcement below.

Program Documents:  

For more information regarding the Solar Technical Assistance Program, contact David Comis the MEA Program Manager by email at David.Comis@maryland.gov or by phone at 443-908-1743.

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