The 2015 Kathleen A. P. Mathias Agriculture Energy Efficiency Program

This page references a program that was completed in early 2016. Click for information about the FY2017 Mathias Ag Program​

Maryland Agricultural Businesses Harness Solar,
Pocket $74,000 in Annual Savings

For the first time in the program’s history, ten Maryland farms and agricultural businesses leveraged MEA’s Mathias Ag Program to not only significantly reduce energy use, but also to install solar power to reduce their carbon footprint. Grants up to $60,000 supported the installation of eligible energy efficiency and renewable energy measures that enabled a minimum 20% energy savings in the buildings or areas where they were installed. Learn more about how leaders in Maryland’s agriculture sector are harnessing energy efficiency and energy generation to stay competitive by reducing costs in commodity markets.

2015 Mathias Ag Program Outcomes



That’s like avoiding the emissions from 100 Maryland homes for a year!

Poultry Operation Projects



An energy-efficient end door cover on a poultry house at Easton Farm gives Nadeem Asraf a reason to smile.

Poultry Case Study​

Solar Projects



Artie and Chad Johnston show off a new rooftop solar PV installation at Swiss Dale Farm.

Solar Case Study​