Clean Burning Wood Stove Grant Program

To help Maryland homeowners invest in clean energy, the Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) provides grants for clean burning wood stoves that displace electric, non-natural gas fossil fuel heating systems or old woodstoves at incentive levels outlined in the chart below. This pilot program has been extended indefinitely.​​​

Goals and Incentives


On Sept. 7, 2012, MEA began accepting applications for clean burning wood stove installations as part of its Residential Clean Energy Grant Program. This is the first in a series of several activities that MEA plans to facilitate in order to develop the bioenergy market in Maryland.

Resource Conversion Technology Emissions Requirement Flat Award
Stick Burning Stove <3.0 grams of particulate matter per hour $500/installation
Pellet Burning Stove <2 grams of particulate matter per hour $700/installation

Grants are allocated on a first come/first served basis across technologies, and are subject to change in amount and existence based on funding availability.

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The project requirements are as follows:

  • The property must be a primary Maryland residence.
  • The clean burning wood stoves must displace electric or non-natural gas fossil fuel heating systems or an old wood stove.
  • A property may not receive more than one grant per technology per fiscal year.
  • MEA cannot offer grants to a property held in a trust.
  • Applications must be submitted to MEA within 12 months of installation.
  • In order to be eligible for this program, installations must show proof of a passed final inspection if a permit is required by their county. Please see the permit requirement chart attached to the application form for more details.
  • In order to be qualify for a grant, installed stoves must be on the following list of eligible systems:
  • Eligible stick (log) stoves must meet both of the following requirements:
  • Eligible pellet wood stoves must meet both of the following requirements:

The Grant Process


Please download the application form, complete it according to the provided instructions, and mail it to:

Maryland Energy Administration
Attn: Residential Clean Energy Grant Program
1800 Washington Blvd., Suite 755
Baltimore, MD 21230

One-Step Application Process

The one-step application process can start after your project is installed and will require only 5 sets of documents:

  • Application form
  • Proof that the project is paid for in full with a copy of a zero-balance, final invoice
  • Copies of all issued inspection documents, permit documents, etc. as provided by the local authority having jurisdiction
  • A photograph of the installed clean energy system.

Related Programs

For more information or assistance, email cegp.mea@maryland.gov or call 410-537-4000.​