Maryland Clean Cities Coalition


In addition to enhancing the nation's air quality, the U.S. Department of Energy's Clean Cities Program promotes the economy, protects the environment, and secures our energy future through public and private partnerships. These partnerships encourage the development of clean-burning alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs) as well as their associated fueling infrastructure.

Though alternative fuels are the cornerstone of Clean Cities, the program also works to increase the use of fuel blends, accelerate sales of hybrid vehicles, promote informed consumer choice on fuel economy, and encourage the use of idle reduction technologies for heavy-duty trucks and other vehicles.

Unlike traditional command-and-control programs, Clean Cities takes a unique, voluntary approach to AFV development, working with coalitions of local stakeholders to help develop the AFV industry.

The Maryland Energy Administration coordinates the Maryland Clean Cities Coalition. If you would like to be a member of the coalition, contact Mike Jones by email at​​

Left: The Clean Cities logo features an image of the state of Maryland and the phrase 'Accelerating Maryland's Transportation Future.'; Right: Clean Cities is dedicated to: Creating new jobs and commercial opportunities; Facilitating AFV production and conversion; Expanding local refueling infrastructure; Increasing the use of alternative fuels; Developing 'clean corridors;' Increasing public awareness; Advancing clean air objectives; and Supporting regulated fleets.