Natural Gas Refilling Station Grant Program

​​The Natural Gas Refilling Station Grant Program is intended to aid in the development of public access, natural gas refilling infrastructure in the state of Maryland. As such, MEA anticipates issuing four or more grants to applicants for installation of fast fill stations in Maryland.

Natural gas vehicles are just one tool that will enable the State to move away from reliance on traditional petroleum. Use of natural gas as a primary transportation fuel helps the State accomplish its goal of lessening national dependence on external oil supplies and improved air quality through reduced tailpipe emissions for these sources ​of propulsion. Strategic application of these technologies and fuel sources within the transportation sector make for good energy policy.

Establishing adequate natural gas refilling infrastructure addresses “range anxiety.” It is one of the prime concerns associated with consumer purchasing behavior and the use of natural gas vehicles (NGVs). Range anxiety refers to the hesitancy of a consumer to buy a NGV due to worries about being stranded without access to refilling infrastructure or finding themselves unable to complete a trip under constraints of the fuel technology. This is a particular issue of concern with alternative transportation fuels requiring a discrete refueling infrastructure. While electric vehicles can theoretically recharge through any standard electrical outlet, NGVs need dedicated pumping stations. A significanr Increase in natural gas refilling infrastructure is needed to facilitate travel to and through the State, enabling the flow of people and goods throughout the region.

Awards will be issued on a competitive basis. Applications are NOW being accepted through January 12, 2015. The total amount of funding currently available for this grant program is up to $2.0 million.

Contact Program Manager: Mike Jones​

Download the Natural Gas Refilling Station Grant Program flyer.