FY22 Clean Burning Wood and Pellet Stove Rebate Program

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Program Description: The Clean Burning Wood and Pellet Stove Rebate Program provides an incentive for Maryland homeowners to purchase and install an eligible clean burning wood or pellet stove at their primary place of residence.  

Program Purpose: To help Maryland homeowners invest in clean energy, MEA provides rebates for clean burning wood and pellet stoves that displace electric, non-natural gas fossil fuel heating systems or old wood or pellet stoves at incentive levels outlined in the chart below.  

The available incentive levels for wood and pellet stoves are shown below.  To be eligible for an incentive, the stove must meet or exceed the required particulate emissions limit, by stove type, and have an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) stove efficiency rating of at least 70%.  Stoves that fail to meet either of these requirements are ineligible for an award.

Stove Technology

Emissions per Hour Limit Requirement

Award with an EPA-Published Efficiency Rating of at least 70%​

Wood Burning Stove

No more than 3.0 grams of particulate matter per hour


Pellet Burning Stove

No more than 2.0 grams of particulate matter per hour


Type of Program: Non-competitive (first-come, first-served) - statewide

Program Application Deadline: Applications will be accepted throughout the fiscal year (July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022), or until funds are exhausted.

Anticipated Program Budget:  Please see the Funding Opportunity Announcement below.

Regulations:  Regulations governing the Program can be viewed here.

Program Documents:

Check Your Rebate Status:

The status of applications that are currently under review by MEA is provided here: 20211027.xlsmWeekly Status Report 2021.10.27

For more information, contact MEA regarding Clean Burning Wood and Pellet Stove Rebate Program by email at cerp.mea@maryland.gov or by phone at 410-537-4000 to speak with Garry Aime, the MEA program manager.

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Tax Status of Clean Energy Rebates

MEA does not provide tax information or tax advice. Questions should be directed to a qualified tax professional.

For more information or assistance, email cerp.mea@maryland.govor call 410-537-4000.​or call 410-537-4000.​ Information submitted to MEA by postal mail may have processing delays and we encourage emails and phone calls when possible.​