FY22 Resilient Maryland Program

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Program Description: The Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) is pleased to announce the FY22 Resilient Maryland program. Resilient Maryland is a competitive grant program that provides funds to help offset the costs of analyzing, planning, and designing clean and resilient distributed energy resource (DER) systems such as microgrids and resiliency hubs for Maryland communities, critical infrastructure, underserved and unserved communities, businesses, and other organizations seeking highly-reliable, sustainable, and affordable energy.

Program Purpose: Resilient Maryland is provided to help organizations identify potential ways to incorporate DERs into organizational energy management plans that improve resilience and sustainability, reduce energy burden, and safeguard essential infrastructure, services, and businesses from prolonged power outages. In its FY22 year, the program is seeking projects that pursue creative solutions, incorporate innovation, explore potentially replicable and scalable project models, and enhance energy equity to Maryland communities experiencing vulnerabilities and challenges.

See the Resilient Maryland Fiscal Year 2021 full list of awardees here: MEA-FY21-Resilient-Maryland-Award-List.pdfMEA FY21 Resilient Maryland Award List and on our news page.

Type of Program: Competitive Grant Program

Anticipated Program Budget: $420,000 For more information, please see the Funding Opportunity Announcement below.

Program Documents:

Reporting Resources for Existing Grantees

Existing Resilient Maryland Grantees can access reporting and reimbursement request resources at the links below. Please note that monthly progress reports and reimbursement requests can now be submitted electronically. Grantees may still submit these using the form versions if preferred.

>>> Online Monthly Progress Report Portal <<<

>>> Online Reimbursement Request Portal <<<

For more information, contact MEA regarding Resilient Maryland by email at RMP.MEA@Maryland.gov ​or by phone at (443) 306-0304 to speak with Brandon Bowser, the MEA program manager.

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