MEA DC Fast Chargers in Action​

Establishing an adequate charging infrastructure is necessary to address one of the prime concerns believed to influence consumer purchase and use of electric vehicles (EVs), “range anxiety.” Range anxiety describes a condition in which the consumer is hesitant to buy an EV due to concerns about being stranded without access to charging infrastructure or being unable to complete a trip given the battery capacity of the vehicle. Moreover, MEA has supported the build out of DC Fast Charging stations (which provide much faster charging than Level 1 or Level 2 charging stations) for several years across multiple funding programs. Many of these charging stations are completed and in operation, with more on the way. Below you can learn more about how these charging stations are being used via quarterly operations reports submitted by the entities that received grant funding.

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Program (EVIP)


2018 Q2 Charge Point.xlsx2018 Q2 Charge Point

2018 Q3 Charge Point.xlsx2018 Q3 Charge Point

2018 Q4 Charge Point.xlsx2018 Q4 Charge Point

2019 Q1 EVI ChargePoint.xlsx2019 Q1 EVI ChargePoint

2019 Q2 EVIP ChargePoint.xlsx2019 Q2 EVIP ChargePoint


2018 Q2 EVgo.xlsx2018 Q2 EVgo

2018 Q3 EVGo.xlsx2018 Q3 EVGo

2018 Q4 EVgo.xlsx2018 Q4 EVgo

2019 Q1 EVI EVgo.xlsx2019 Q1 EVgo

2019 Q2 EVIP EVgo.xlsx2019 Q2 EVgo

Royal Farms

2018 Q2 Royal Farms.xlsx2018 Q2 Royal Farms

2018 Q3 Royal Farms.xlsx2018 Q3 Royal Farms

2018 Q4 Royal Farms.xlsx2018 Q4 Royal Farms

2019 Q1 Royal Farms.xlsx2019 Q1 Royal Farms

2019 Q2 EVIP RF.xlsx2019 Q2 Royal Farms

Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Program (AFIP)

FY16 Funding Round


2018 Q2 EVI FY 16.xlsx2018 Q2 EVI FY 16

2018 Q3 EVI FY 16 .xlsx2018 Q3 EVI FY 16 

2018 Q4 EVI FY 16.xlsx2018 Q4 EVI FY 16

2019 Q1 EVI FY16.xlsx2019 Q1 EVI FY16

2019 Q2 AFIP FY16 EVI.xlsx2019 Q2 EVI FY16

FY17 Funding Round

Charge Point

            2018 Q3 Charge Point.xlsx2018 Q3 Charge Point

            2018 Q4 Charge Point FY17.xlsx2018 Q4 Charge Point FY17

            2019 Q1 Charge Point FY17.xlsx2019 Q1 Charge Point FY17

            2019 Q2 AFIP FY17 ChargePoint.xlsx2019 Q2  ChargePoint FY17


             2018 Q3 EVI FY 17.xlsx2018 Q3 EVI FY 17

             2018 Q4 EVI EVGo FY17.xlsx2018 Q4 EVGo FY17

             2019 Q1 EVgo FY17.xlsx2019 Q1 EVgo FY17

             2019 Q2 AFIP FY17 EVgo.xlsx2019 Q2 EVgo FY17


2018 Q2 EVI FY 17.xlsx2018 Q2 EVI FY 17

2018 Q3 EVI FY 17.xlsx2018 Q3 EVI FY 17

2018 Q4 EVI FY17.xlsx2018 Q4 EVI FY17

2019 Q1 EVI FY17.xlsx2019 Q1 EVI FY17

2019 Q2 AFIP FY17 EVI.xlsx2019 Q2 EVI FY17 

FY18 Funding Round


           2018 Q3 EVI FY 18.xlsx2018 Q3 EVI FY 18

           2018 Q4 EVI FY18.xlsx2018 Q4 EVI FY18

           2019 Q1 EVI FY18.xlsx2019 Q1 EVI FY18

           2019 Q2 AFIP FY18 EVI.xlsx2019 Q2 EVI FY18