Residential Energy Saving Tips

Learn 15 Things That Will Empower You To Save Money

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Tip 1

CFLs use 75% less electricity than incandescents, last up to 10 times longer and can save you up to $65 over the life of the light bulb.

Tip 2

In top-loading washing machines, use cold water to save energy and up to $63 a year. Detergents formulated for cold water get clothes just as clean.

Tip 3

When not in use, unplug your TV. A plasma TV left plugged in costs an estimated $159.76 annually.

Tip 4

Install a low-flow shower head to achieve savings of 25%–60%. Showers use less hot water than baths; also consider taking shorter showers.

Tip 5

When not in use, unplug your laptop. Left plugged in, it costs an estimated $15.90 annually.

Tip 6

Turn down the temperature of your water heater to the warm setting (120 degrees). You’ll not only save energy, you’ll reduce the risk of scalding.

TIp 7

When not in use, unplug your gaming system. A game console left plugged in costs an estimated $25.73 annually.

Tip 8

Wash only full loads of dishes, air dry and use cold water if possible. If washing dishes by hand, do larger piles at a time and remember not to leave water running in between.

TIp 9

Windows account for 10%–25% of your energy bill. During the summer your air conditioner must work harder to cool hot air from sunny windows. Use curtains or shades to give your air conditioner and energy bill a break.

Tip 10

Ceiling and other fans provide additional cooling and better circulation so you can raise the thermostat and cut down on air conditioning costs.

Tip 11

Pump up your tires; properly inflated tires improves gas mileage by 3%.

Tip 12

You can save up to $115 per year on gasoline costs by reducing your miles driven 5% through biking, taking public transportation, walking or combining trips.

TIp 13

Turning your thermostat back 10%–15% for 8 hours can save as much as 10% on your energy bill. Using a programmable thermostat makes this a user-friendly process.

Tip 14

The average household dedicates 11% of its energy budget to lighting. Turn off lights when not in use. Wasted energy is wasted money.

TIp 15

Set refrigerator temperatures between 37 and 40 degrees (F) and clean coils. Keep the refrigerator full; when the refrigerator is stocked, less cold air is lost when the door is opened.

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