About Us

The mission of the Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) is to maximize energy efficiency while promoting economic development, reducing reliance on foreign energy supplies, and improving the environment.

MEA advises the Governor on directions, policies and changes in the various segments of the energy market. As demand/supply competition, technological innovations, and policy changes by the federal government cause major changes in market sensitive energy sectors (e.g., petroleum markets, gas deregulation, and emerging competition in the electric utilities sector), State government must be in position to respond to new opportunities, as well as adjust to any potential dangers.

MEA prepares State government to respond to the changing dynamics of the energy industry. The strategic goals of the Maryland Energy Administration are:

  • to make the State of Maryland a leader in energy efficiency;
  • to reduce energy costs for our citizens;
  • to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from energy;
  • to increase the use of renewable energy;
  • to leverage public/private partnerships in order to improve the competitive position of Maryland industry; and
  • to lower the operating expenses of State and local governments while contributing to the improvement of air and water quality in Maryland.

Energy encompasses a broad range of public policy and governance issues. How efficiently we use energy touches everything we do - not only the environment and waste management, but also power supply, economic competitiveness, and energy security. Energy will continue to be a major part of the State's agenda.

To learn more about MEA, watch video of Malcolm Woolf's Keynote address at the Go Green Energy Conference in 2010.

Download the MEA program book

"EmPOWERing Maryland: Clean Energy Programs FY 2012"