It takes a lot of fuel to move Marylanders from point “A” to point “B.” MEA offers incentives to reduce the amount of energy residents expend on travel. Through programs like the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Program (EVIP), MEA is able to help promote clean, efficient transportation by allocating funds to an Electric Re-Charging Infrastructure (ECI). In addition, MEA works with commercial shipping fleets to increase the use of fuel blends, accelerate sales of hybrid vehicles, and more. To learn more:


Transportation successes

To reduce gasoline consumption, MEA invests in Maryland’s electric vehicle infrastructure. By issuing grants through the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Program , MEA is preparing Maryland highways for electric vehicle traffic. Commuters will be able to recharge at a number of locales in Baltimore City, along I-95 and at other locations throughout Maryland. Read the June 24, 2010 press release detailing the EVIP awards: Governor O’Malley Fuels $1 Million Investment