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Lack of financing or inadequate payback periods are the most common reason companies decide against energy management improvements. To help overcome this barrier, there are numerous local, state, and federal incentives and programs in place.

The Maryland Save Energy Now team will assist you in identifying financial incentives and other resources that may apply to your business and project. Contact the Maryland Save Energy Now team to identify financing opportunities that might work for your facilities.

Incentives and other financing programs most likely of value for Maryland manufacturing facilities include:

Utility Energy Efficiency Programs – Most Maryland utilities offer cash rebates or other incentives for energy efficiency improvements

State Programs

  • Conservation Loan Program – 2.5% interest loans of $40,000 or more per energy efficiency project; energy cost savings can repay the loan

Federal Incentives

Third-party Financing – Even with many incentive programs in place, companies are sometimes unable to finance energy management improvements. In such cases, third party financing, or energy performance contracts, are one way to move forward and implement an energy savings project. Resources related to energy performance contracting:

Additional resources on incentives for energy efficiency projects

Need help navigating these programs and incentives? Contact the Maryland Save Energy Now team.


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