Save Energy Now for Maryland Manufacturing

One-on-One Consultation

The Maryland Save Energy Now team provides customized one-on-one assistance to help manufacturing facilities move forward with energy saving projects:

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Strategic Technical Consultation

MEA team provides direct support by helping you take the next step on recommended actions from an energy assessment you have received or by helping you obtain an assessment at your facility. The team can help with:

  • Engineering assistance
  • Equipment specification or other technical assistance in developing a request for bids
  • Evaluation of bids
  • Identifying an appropriate entity to conduct an energy assessment

Strategic Financial Consultation

MEA team works with you to maximize the economics of your energy project by:

Referrals to Other Energy Management Programs and Resources

MEA team will work with you to identify additional resources that will help in implementing your energy projects, including:

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One-on-One Consultation

Personalized assistance to move energy projects forward



Project financing options for industrial facilities in Maryland    

Tools and Resources

Tools & Resources

Software tools and other resources on industrial energy efficiency