State Anemometer Loan Program

Workers install a wind anemometer in a field.

The State Anemometer Loan Program loans wind measuring devices to property owners, which allows them to quantify and characterize the wind resources available at their property. The program is designed to empower property owners by supporting their interest in wind energy through the loan of anemometers and wind vanes, and provides education about wind energy development.

The program has six anemometers. Four will be mounted atop 30 meter towers, and two will be mounted atop 50 meter towers that are supported by four sets of guy wires.

The Maryland Environmental Service administers the program in partnership with MEA. For information about the program, please contact MEA at 410-260-7655.


In order to ensure the most efficient use of program funding, applicants to the Anemometer Loan Program who need resource assessment to plan for community-scale or large agricultural applications will receive dispatch priority. The program is generally not available to property owners who wish to install small residential turbines. Applications indicating intent to ultimately install a wind project with a nameplate capacity less than 5 kilowatts will not typically be considered for anemometer loans.​

How to Apply


All Maryland residents and businesses are eligible to apply.  All applicants will go on the MEA waitlist once they have submitted all of the following:

  • A summary of the project purpose/goal, which defines proposed nameplate capacity, number of turbines, proof of a quotation, and a statement of willingness to fund the project and to proceed with installation of the wind turbine once the anemometer data confirms viability.
  • Demonstation of favorable topography in addition to the requisite flat site with other favorable factors, such as higher elevation than the surrounding area, being clear of obstructions that would create wind flow turbulence; (i.e. tall trees, buildings, geological features, etc)
  • Assured and ready accessibility for the anemometer installation

Application Form

Additional Requirements


  • Site location with at least one (1) acre
  • A diameter of sixty (60) feet of open space around the base of the tower location for 30-m towers; and 110 feet for 50-m towers
  • A preferable tower location should be flat, horizontal with no slope
  • Verification of approval from county permitting and zoning and economic development offices to site anemometer, as well as wind turbine on the property. Permitting or zoning fees are the responsibility of the property owner.
  • For sandier or unstable soil types, site foundations may require additional preparation for the installation of an anemometer (e.g., poured concrete). Any expenses incurred for this additional preparation will be at the expense of the property owner.

Note: Preference will be given to sites where little or no data has been collected, but these sites should also be places where other factors indicate that wind resources would be promising.

Additional Information


For more information on this program or wind energy, please contact MEA at 410-260-7655.​