Home Energy Rating System

Nationally certified Home Energy Raters (or analysts) are available to assist builders and homeowners in adding energy efficiency to their buildings. Two different web sites provide information on Home Energy Rating and lists of Energy Raters that can be hired to assist builders and homeowners in their energy efficiency efforts. The two sites are:

These certified Energy Raters are independent businesses that provide energy efficiency information and analysis of new and existing residential structures for a fee. Energy Raters usually provide a range of services including: conducting a HERS audit for homebuyers financing or homeowners refinancing a single or multiple (condo/townhome) family dwelling with an Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM) product; providing certification of the energy performance of a new Energy Star Home; or performing a general energy analysis of a residence for a homeowner.

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EPA Energy Star Labeled Homes Program - New Homes

The ENERGY STAR Labeled Home uses 30 percent less energy than conventional new homes. In Maryland, annual residential energy costs average $1400 per year, and the potential exists to save approximately $400 per year through the construction of an ENERGY STAR Home. These savings come from a variety of energy saving features, including increased insulation, high-performance windows and doors, high-efficiency heating and cooling systems and energy-saving appliances and lighting. In Maryland there are over a dozen builders constructing homes to the Energy Star Home standard. The list of builders can be accessed through the ENERGY STAR New Homes web site: www.energystar.gov. ENERGY STAR Homes must pass a stringent evaluation, including computer-based energy analysis, inspections and certification testing. The testing is done by certified Home Energy Rating System Energy Raters. Only those homes that meet the high efficiency guidelines are certified as ENERGY STAR.

Existing Homes

Homeowners thinking of remodeling their home have a chance to include energy efficient features that will produce real monthly savings over current energy bills. A HERS Energy Rater can analyze the energy performance of the existing structure and work with a homeowner to develop a range of options depending on the desired level of energy efficiency.

For more information on Home Energy Ratings or Energy Raters conducting business in Maryland, go to the Residential Energy Services Network.