Maryland Smart Energy Communities

Funding Track


Funding Availability

Applicable Deadlines
New MSEC Community

Available to all incorporated towns, cities, and counties not yet accepted into the MSEC program.

Eligible communities must agree to meet the three (3) deliverable requirements in order to receive funding based on population size and funding availability.

Grant funds are only made available when communities satisfy the deliverables specified by MEA.


Up to $2.79 million total is available, subject to funding availability.


Funding will be divided between both existing and new MSEC communities.

New Community Application

Accepting Applications from November 2014 until January 26, 2015.

For more details, How to Apply

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Existing MSEC Community

Available to all MSEC incorporated towns, cities, and counties accepted in FY13 who have completed all “New Community” deliverables and FY 14 who have either completed or are on track to complete all “New Community” deliverables.

Funding for projects submitted under the existing community track will receIve competitive awards based on project characteristics and funding availability in each energy funding area (energy efficiency, renewable energy/transportation, and low-to moderate income energy efficiency).

Projects will be evaluated based on innovation, expected impact on the State’s energy and greenhouse gas reduction goals, and feasibility, among other criteria.  Priority will be given to existing communities who adopt the third MSEC policy.     

Up to $2.79 million total is available, subject to funding availability.

Funding will be divided between existing and new MSEC communities.

Fund availability is allocated as follows:

Up to $450,000 for energy efficiency projects, up to $1.34 million for renewable energy/transportation projects; and up to $1 million for energy efficiency projects benefitting low to moderate-income populations.

Exisiting Community Application

Accepting applications from October 2014 until December 19, 2014.

MEA is pleased to announce the designation of 34 Maryland Smart Energy Communities. Congratulations!

34 Maryland communities including 26 incorporated municipalities and 7 counties plus Baltimore City are now Maryland Smart Energy Communities. These communities have exhibited leadership in smart energy management. Through their participation in the program, communities will receive grants to fund energy efficiency, renewable energy, and/or clean transportation projects. Maryland Smart Energy Communities can realize cost savings, improve their environmental performance, and stimulate better energy decisions among their residents and local businesses. 

Find Maryland Smart Energy Communities by visiting this map.


Related programs

The goal of the Maryland Smart Energy Communities program is to have local governments adopt policies and commit to them for the long term, leading to sustained energy savings and additional opportunities for renewable energy development.

Benefits of Participating

Becoming a Smart Energy Community will result in:

  • A grant from MEA to kick-start your energy goals and eligibility for future MSEC grants
  • Reduced utility and fuel expenses
  • Support of local sustainability initiatives
  • Greenhouse gas emissions reduction
  • Statewide recognition as a leader in energy and sustainability
  • Receive technical assistance from the University of Maryland Environmental Finance Center to help meet program requirements and achieve long-term energy goals.


What policies must be adopted?
Local governments must adopt two of the three of the following policies (policies are in draft form and subject to change):

1. Energy Efficiency Policy Guidance Document

  • Establish an electricity consumption baseline and develop a plan with the goal of reducing electricity consumption of city/town or county-owned buildings by 15% within five (5) years of the baseline year.

2. Renewable Energy Policy Guidance Document

        • Reduce conventional centralized electricity generation serving a local government’s buildings by meeting 20% of those buildings’ electricity demand with distributed, renewable energy generation by 2022.

3. Transportation Petroleum Reduction Policy Guidance Document

  • A local government must establish a petroleum consumption baseline for all local government vehicles, and put in place a comprehensive program designed to reduce the baseline by 20 percent within five (5) years of the baseline year.

What is the difference between a New and Existing MSEC community?
Communities not yet designated a Maryland Smart Energy Community enter the program through the new program track and must adopt the policies outlined above. Communities that have already achieved Maryland Smart Energy Community designation remain in the program provided they are making a good faith effort towards meeting their energy goals. Both New and Existing communities are eligible for MSEC grant funding. See the webinars below for more information.

New Communities: Webinar Slides for New Maryland Smart Energy Communities
Existing Communities: Webinar Slides for Existing Maryland Smart Energy Communities

Geeting Your Community Involved

New Smart Energy Community 1-pager: How it Works and Where to Get Started

Existing Smart Energy Community 1-pager: How to Stay Engaged with MSEC

Additional Information

Questions? Visit the Maryland Smart Energy Communities FAQ page for answers.

For more information, contact Devan Willemsen via e-mail at or phone at 410-260-7539.