Jane E. Lawton Conservation Loan Program

What is the program?

What projects are eligible?

How do I apply?

The program provides eligible borrowers with loans of $50,000-$500,000 to identify and install energy conservation improvements. Borrowers can then use the cost savings of added improvements to repay the loans. For more information, read our Goals and Incentives. The program helps fund efficiency upgrades for eligible non-profit organizations (including hospitals and private schools), local governments (including public school systems and community colleges), and businesses in Maryland. For more information, read our Project Requirements. Download and complete the loan application, which includes an application checklist, the official loan application, several worksheets, and some additional components, then mail it to MEA with attention to "Lawton Loan Program Manager." For details, read How to Apply.

Goals and Incentives

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In honor of the late Delegate Lawton for her dedication to Maryland’s environment and energy efficiency, the Jane E. Lawton Loan Program allows borrowers to use the cost savings generated by added improvements as the primary source of revenue for repaying the loans. This neutral budget impact makes the Lawton Loan Program an attractive financing opportunity for interested organizations.

By offering Lawton Loan Program as a revolving loan fund rather than a one-time grant, Maryland is able to maximize the use of the funds. Repayments and interest earned by the fund will allow the program to continue making loans for the foreseeable future. In fiscal year 2016 (July 1, 2015-June 30, 2016), $1.75 million is available.

Project Requirements

The Jane E. Lawton Conservation Loan Program provides eligible non-profit organizations (including hospitals and private schools), local governments (including public school systems and community colleges), and businesses in Maryland a unique opportunity to reduce operating expenses by identifying and installing energy conservation improvements.

Until August 31, 2015, $500,000 of available loan funds are reserved for non-profit organizations. Applications from local governments and businesses are considered together with energy savings as the key differentiating feature. From Sept. 1, 2015-June 30, 2016, all available funds are pooled and loaned to eligible organizations on a first-come, first-served basis. MEA has prepared a slide presentation that includes more information about program guidelines and the application process.

How to Apply

Projects applying for funding through Lawton Loans must have a simple payback of 10 years or less. All costs necessary for implementing an energy conservation project can be considered for funding, including the technical assessment, reasonable fees for special services, plans and specifications, and the actual costs of the conservation measures. The interest rate for all Lawton Loans made during FY2016 (fiscal year 2016) will be 2.0%.

The minimum request for funding is $50,000; the maximum is $500,000. The MEA will consider larger loan requests on a case-by-case basis, based on energy savings.

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For additional information about the Lawton Loan Program, call Maryland Energy Administration at (410) 260-7655 or 1-800-72-ENERGY.