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Take MEA's Are You An Energy STAR? Quiz

True or False: Every other day, turn your shirt inside out to save energy.

T/F: Take a shower in five minutes or less.

T/F: Keep the over door closed and lids on pots when food is cooking.

T/F: Turn off the TV, radio and computer when you are done using them.

T/F: Don't keep the refrigerator door open while you decide what you want to snack on.

T/F: Leave lights on all the time to keep monsters away.

T/F: It's okay to keep a window or door open to the outside even when the air conditioner or heater is on.

T/F: Remind your parents to turn off lights when they are not in that room.

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Are you an Energy STAR?




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Top Tips: Your Energy To Do List

  1. Wait! Don't Adjust the Thermostat: Too hot in the house? Don't turn up the air conditioning in the summer time, just change into a t-shirt and shorts. Too cold in the winter? Save energy by putting on warm socks and a comfy sweater.
  2. Carpooling's Cool: Ask your parents if they can arrange for you to carpool with friends to school, your games and after-school activities. This saves gasoline and gives you more time with your friends.
  3. Unplug Yourself: Turn off the tv, computer and radio and go play outside instead on nice days. Make sure a responsible adult knows where you are, and then go enjoy some fresh air!