Access to affordable capital remains a significant hurdle for many Maryland homeowners, businesses, non-profit organizations, and local governments interested in energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. MEA’s Energy Finance Initiative is a collection of programs, financing tools, and other resources designed to help fill the funding needs of clean energy projects.

Financing and Technical Assistance Resources:


Apply for low-interest financing for cost-effective energy efficiency projects from MEA’s Jane E. Lawton Conservation Loan Program.

Access "owner's agent" services and financing support to implement energy performance contracts in the public housing sector.

Tools and Strategies for Financing Energy Projects:


Getting to ‘Yes’ for Energy Efficiency” guide to developing persuasive a business case for energy efficiency

Case studies of successful Maryland energy efficiency champions

Links to Financing Programs:


Maryland Clean Energy Center


Maryland Home Energy Loan Program

Maryland Clean Energy Capital Program

Potential Partners

If you are interested in becoming a financing partner for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects, please check back often for new programs in which you may be able to participate or contact Daniel Bresette at or (410) 260-7655.

Success Stories

Projects to reduce energy use or generate electricity from renewable sources often pay for themselves through the savings from reduced utility bills. Despite the savings potential, homeowners, businesses, and non-profit organizations can be challenged to find the money for the up-front costs of such projects. MEA’s financing programs are designed to overcome this hurdle by helping customers access low-cost capital for energy improvements. Using a $600,000 Jane E. Lawton Conservation Loan from MEA, one Baltimore office building was able to save $300,000 a year on energy costs by replacing an aging HVAC system along with lighting and other retrofits.

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