The massive energy expenditure it takes to fuel Maryland’s commercial and industrial sectors provides enormous opportunities for energy savings. MEA coordinates with large-scale industrial projects as well as farms and businesses throughout the State to recommend energy saving practices and identify affordable ways businesses can install renewable energy systems. Through energy efficiency loans, clean energy grants for businesses, non-profits, and government entities, Sunburst solar energy grants, farm energy audits and other programs, MEA is helping the state reach Governor Martin O’Malley’s goal of creating 100,000 "green-collar" jobs by 2015 and generating 20 percent of the State’s energy from clean, renewable sources by 2022 . To get started:

Business successes

MEA provides small business with the help they need to make energy efficiency improvements and to create renewable energy sources. Eco-conscious consumers represent a growing part of Maryland’s economy. In addition to saving money on energy costs, businesses that go “green” are able to attract a loyal, conscientious customer base. Using MEA funds, the College Park Car Wash went solar. The renewable energy generated by its solar panels heats thousands of gallons of water each week, and saves the car wash owner money on his monthly energy bills. Read this and other MEA Success Stories.