Energy Resiliency Grant Program


What is the program?

What projects are eligible?

How do I apply?

In fiscal year 2015 (FY15), the Maryland Energy Resiliency Grant Program provides up to $750K in funding support for the installation of back-up power generation  and/or wiring at retail service stations and volunteer firehouses.   Funding is available on a first come, first serve basis.  For more information, read our Goals and Incentives

Back-up power generation and/or wiring for service stations and volunteer firehouses shall include portable generators, fixed-generators, or in-place battery systems. Bulk fuel distributors are eligible to apply. For more information, read our Project Requirements.

Complete the grant application and submit one cost estimate for the back-up power generation and/or wiring. For details, read How to Apply.

Energy Resiliency Grant Program

Goals and Incentives

The Maryland Energy Resiliency Grant Program (“Grant Program”, formerly known as the “Fuel Up program”) is administered by the Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) pursuant to its responsibilities and authority under Md. State Government Code Ann. Sections 9-2003(1), 9-2003(12) and 9-2005. The FY15 Grant Program will  conclude on June 1, 2015, or when the total funds for the program have been expended, whichever is earlier.

The purpose of the Grant Program is to assure that fuels are available to service stations both for evacuation or home energy use during an energy emergency or disaster. For volunteer firehouses, the Grant Program’s intention is to provide resiliency benefits to local populations.  The Grant Program aims to achieve these goals by reducing the financial investment  required by the  Maryland service stations and volunteer fire houses in order to become more energy resilient.

The Maryland Energy Administration anticipates awarding grants of up to $25,000 per project to a service station and up to $50,000 per project to volunteer firehouses. Grant funds may be used to offset 70% of the total cost of the planning, design, wiring and installation of backup power generation for service stations and volunteer firehouses in Maryland. Funds may also be used to offset costs related to the purchase or pre-wire of back-up power generation (portable generators, fixed generators, or in-place batteries) at a Maryland service station or volunteer firehouse. Funds cannot be used to offset costs related to the purchase of fuel. Only one award will be made per service station/volunteer firehouse location.

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Project Requirements

Owners/operators of eligible service stations and volunteer firehouses located in Maryland will be considered for grant award. An eligible service station shall have fuel storage of at least 10,000 gallons, fuel sales of 75,000 gallons or more per year for inclusion in the grant program. Service station applicants installing generators must install generators that have at least enough capacity to power the station’s fuel pumps. Volunteer  firehouses applying to the program are not required to have fuel pumps and do not face any generator capacity stipulations. Volunteer firehouses should act, or have the ability to act as an emergency shelter. Grantee’s choosing to install pre-wiring for back-up power will have an executed rental generator agreement in place with a generator delivery contractor in case of emergency.  

Grant applicants installing diesel powered generators under the Grant program must ensure that the generator meets EPA Tier 2 emissions standards.

An applicant may submit separate applications for multiple service stations and/or volunteer firehouses.


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(Right to left): Abby Ross Hopper, Director of the Maryland Energy Administration formally announces the Fiscal Year 2014 Service Station Energy Resiliency Grant Program and presents a symbolic check for $1.7 million to Maryland service stations. Representing service stations across the State was Jamie Brooke of WMDA (far left), as well as the Exxon station owners Ed Ellis and Steve Ladd of Ocean Petroleum.

Related programs

Only the costs for installation of back-up power generation and/or pre-wiring incurred after the execution of an applicant’s grant agreement are eligible for grant award under the Grant Program.

MEA reserves the right to revise or modify the Grant Program in order to better facilitate its energy resiliency objectives and consistent with its authority.

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How to Apply

For service stations, grant applications may only be submitted by facility owners. For  volunteer fire houses, applications may only be submitted by an individual who has signatory authority for the volunteer fire station. Since this grant program will involve the physical alteration of the facility and immediate property, only applicants with the legal authority to make such permitting and construction alterations may apply. The electronic signature agreement form also may be signed and submitted by the facility owner to expedite processing.

To be considered for grant award, an application must be complete and shall include:

  • Service Station Grant Application Form (Right-click and 'Save Link As' to download) or the Firehouse Grant Application Form
  • One cost estimate from a Maryland licensed, professional electrical contractor for the installation of back-up power generation. Cost estimates must be on contractor letterhead.
  • If applicant plans to install a rental generator and doesn’t yet know the specific company at time of application, please include with application a general explanation for how rental generator will be procured.

An application may be rejected for the following reasons:

    • Incomplete application
    • Noncompliance with required criteria
    • Inconsistency with the purpose established for this grant program

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What is the Review Process?

Once an application is received, MEA will take up to 30 days to verify and review the information submitted. The applications will be reviewed by MEA Staff for accuracy and completeness. The applicant will be notified via email within 45 days of an application's receipt that either (1) the application was not selected for grant award or (2) a grant agreement form is being sent to the applicant with the amount of the award to be provided upon completion of the back-up power generation project. The grant award will not be final until execution of the Grant Agreement by both the Applicant and the MEA. Projects are expected to be completed within 180 days following the execution of the Grant Agreement.  Prior to grant award, MEA will require each applicant selected to execute a Grant Agreement, which includes general terms and conditions required by MEA. The Grant Agreement document will be provided to applicants upon approval of the grant application. Regardless of when applications are received by MEA, all grant awards must be fully executed by both MEA and the eligible applicant by June 15th, 2015.  Failure to execute the grant agreement by this date puts grant funding at risk. To expedite the Grant Program application and award process, MEA will provide for an automated grant application process pursuant to the Maryland Uniform Electronic Transactions Act, MD Code Ann. COMMERCIAL LAW §21-101 et. seq. This will include the allowance of an electronic signature. While MEA encourages applicants to submit their applications electronically, an applicant is not required, nor will an applicant be penalized, for not using the automated grant application process.

MEA reserves the right to reduce the amount of a grant award for noncompliance with Grant Program requirements.

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When Will I Receive the Grant Award?

Upon completion of the installation of back-up generation and/or wiring, but no later than 180-days after receipt of grant award notification, each grantee shall submit to MEA:

(1) An invoice on the Grantee's letterhead showing the (total) paid project cost and the requested grant amount. Applicants may wish to use this Grantee Invoice Template.

(2) A copy of the paid invoice for the project, approved in the grant application or other alternative proof that the project has been paid in full.

(3) A Project Completion Worksheet (Attachment B) with all of the related information and details.

(4) Documentation of passed final permit inspection(s). Please note this stipulation only applies to Round 2 applicants.

(5) For any diesel-powered generators purchased through this Grant Program, documentation showing that the purchased generator is EPA Tier 2 qualified.

Grant payments will be made by MEA upon receipt of the related documents and review of the grantee's information. Estimated time for payment is within 30 days.

MEA may provide an extension of time for submissions under extraordinary circumstances, but onIy in situations where a good faith effort has been demonstrated. To be considered for such an extension, the grantee shall submit an “Extension Request” via email, which shall set forth the reasons why the generator could not be installed within the 180-day timeframe and why the applicant was unable to avoid such delay.

For more additional information, please review the Grant Timeline.

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Public Information Notice

All information provided to the MEA in conjunction with the Grant Program is subject to the Public Information Act, Title 10, Subtitle 6, Part III of the State Government Article of the Annotated Code of Maryland.

For Additional Information contact Mike Jones:

Maryland Energy Administration
Energy Resiliency Grant Program
Phone: (410) 260-2603
Fax: (410) 974-2250

Reminder: Please direct questions and all application materials to or

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